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HEALTH benefits of Green GARLIC!!

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 22-11-2013
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HEALTH benefits of Green GARLIC!! Helps the immune system
HEALTH benefits of Green GARLIC!!, green garlic, health tips
Green garlic is belongs to the garlic family. The green garlic is stem and root of the onion. This green garlic is heavily used in the Asia region countries. This green garlic also called as spring or early garlic or leeks. Green garlic appears with green stem spring at end with the white bulb.
The Green garlic contains the sulfur, antioxidants etc.  It has the same properties as the onion family members like onion, garlic etc. we can’t separate the green garlic from the onion family. Adding green garlic to the dishes , soups, recipes etc makes your food delicious and yummy. Green garlic adds the taste to the recipe in addition to that it contains the many health benefits. Let’s find the benefits of green garlic.
HEALTH benefits of Green GARLIC!! Helps the immune systemNext
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