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Five Myths Regarding Weight Loss

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 23-12-2021
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Five Myths Regarding Weight Loss, five myths regarding weight loss,  weight loss,  protein shakes are necessary,  green tea promotes fat loss
You must have heard plenty of weight loss tips if you are looking forward to losing those extra inches. While some work others are just myths and exaggerated facts.

Here on iFarer we are going to debunk some popular myths around fat loss -

Green Tea Promotes Fat Loss
Though green tea boosts your metabolism but so does all types of teas including your normal tea (drink it without sugar). A cup or two of any brewed tea a day will aid your metabolism and will increase your BMR.

Late Night Dinner Leads To Weight Gain

Weight loss is plain mathematics.
Calories intake should equal to calories burned.
It does not matter whether you ate your dinner post 8 or before it as long as you manage the calories balance.

Protein Shakes Are Necessary

No matter how much your gym wale bhaiya pressurize you to purchase that protein shake worth 4k it will not do wonders. Our body is capable of making its own protein, though there are some proteins which we need from outside but it could be simply met from our daily food sources be it dairy, non veg delicacies, sprouts or your chaas which is an extremely good source of whey protein.

All Calories Are Equal

Intermittent fasting is a famous concept which boasts of eating your favorites while losing weight. As every good thing comes with a price, so is this. Eating a pizza while losing those extra inches may sound fascinating but it will result in deprivation of important nutrients required for our overall growth.

Brown Is Good

Well, we can't argue that when it comes to Brown Munde but in your food it doesn't not matter. Brown bread, brown rice and all other sorts of brown food items are enjoying the growing demand in the market. As their producers promote them as an alternative to their weightening counterparts but they are similar when it comes to nutritional and calories value.

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five myths regarding weight loss, weight loss, protein shakes are necessary, green tea promotes fat loss

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