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ENJOY Winters with Gajar Ka Halwa!!

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 30-11-2013
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As winters Knocks at doors, the need of a hot gajar ka halwa becomes unavoidable. Here is the easy recipe of gajar ka halwa. Cook at your home and impress your family with your cooking talent.

Cooking Time:
20-30 minutes
Preparation Time: 15-20 minutes
Servings: 4

Carrots 8-10 medium
Cashewnuts 5-6
Almonds 5-6
Raisins 10-15
Pure ghee 3 tablespoons
Milk 2 cups
Green cardamom powder 1/4 teaspoon
Mawa (khoya) 1 cup
Sugar 3/4 cup
Silver warq 1 sheet

Peel, wash and grate carrots. Chop cashew nuts. Blanch almonds in half a cup of hot water for five minutes.

Drain, cool, peel and slice them. Wash raisins and pat them dry. Heat pure ghee in a thick-bottomed pan, add grated carrots and saute for five minutes. Add milk, green cardamom powder and cook on medium heat for five to six minutes or until the milk evaporates and the carrots are cooked.

Stir in the grated khoya and sugar and cook for two to three minutes or till the sugar melts and mixes well, stirring continuously. Continue to cook for two minutes more. Garnish with chopped cashewnuts, sliced almonds and raisins. Decorate with silver warq. Serve hot.

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