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Did you know that brushes have anatomy

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 02-02-2022
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By Kanishka Vijay

What is brushes anatomy?
It simply means brushes have different parts and these parts have different names. 
Today, let us dissect our brushes so that we know what we’re working with. 

Every brush has: 
1) Handle: The long wooden, metal, or plastic part you hold. Some are weighted to give a better feel, hold or control. 

2) Ferrule: The metal part that attaches the bristles to the handle. This part of the brush contains glue that is soluble in acetone. 

3) Crimp: The area where the metal ferrule is attached to the handle creates small folds/ridges in the metal that grasp onto the wooden, metal, or plastic handle. 

4) Brush head: It contains bristles that can be natural or synthetic. 

5) Belly: This is a medium/product is collected and reserved for distributing that product onto the canvas. They can be in a variety of sizes.

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brushes, makeup brushes, brushes anatomy, makeup brush needs

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