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Developed Covid symptoms, Mentioning some methods to protect yourself when Covid symptom arises

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 19-01-2022
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Developed Covid symptoms, Mentioning some methods to protect yourself when Covid symptom arises, covid-19,  symptoms,  precautions,  new variant
By Kanishka 

With a rapid hike in Covid-19 cases in India, many people are in doubt about what to do, when the symptoms arise to themselves or any family member. Here I am mentioning some methods that a person should follow to cure the disease: 

1. Isolate Yourself: The first and foremost is to separate from family and pets in your home. Stay in your specific room where you can isolate yourself for at least 15 days. Also, use a separate bathroom that lessens the chances of diseases spread. Try to mask up, if any person comes close to you. 

2. Consult your Doctor: As soon as possible consult a doctor. Do not try to self-medicate. It is very important to take prescribed medicines only. Try to consult your doctor telephonically and tell them you have or may have COVID-19. 

3. Get yourself Tested: After consulting the doctor, you must test yourself for Covid-19. While waiting for the results, a person must stay away from others. Self-testing is one of the several options for testing for Covid-19 symptoms. 

4. Drink lots of water and Eat Healthy Food: Staying healthy is a must while isolating yourself. With healthy eating, intake of four liters of water a day is also really important. 

5. Check Oxygen Saturation: Regular check of Oxygen Saturation level 3-4 times a day. Contact a doctor if the oxygen level goes below 94. Performing breathing exercises daily will help you to overcome breathing-related problems.  
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