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Corona: A Deadly Virus

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 13-01-2022
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Corona: A Deadly Virus, covid-19,  corona,  new variant,  omicron,  precaution,  delta
The entire creation is amazed how a virus unseen by the naked eye brought the whole world to its knees. We human beings have always been claiming that we have got the tag of being the best creatures on earth, but we have forgotten that being the best does not mean that you start considering other things as insignificant.
We have played with the beauty of nature, tampered with natural sources, blocked the way of rivers, cut down forests, tried to destroy the hills by mining them for our selfishness, we did all those things which we felt are right. But because of this, we forgot to see the effect it had on the harmony of the universe.
Today, no one can ignore the lack of natural resources due to the increase in population. What would have been shared in the first 100 people has been reduced to just 10 today. This thing is so serious that if it is not implemented yet, then in the coming time, the consequences will be so fatal that we can’t even imagine.
A lot of damage has already been done. But with the arrival of Omicron, the danger has increased further. It is being speculated that this variant is more dangerous than the Delta. The new variant of the Corona Omicron has been named B.1.1. The world has seen the wrath of Corona once, and if protection is not maintained, death wouldn’t be too far off. The corona epidemic is itself proof that the universe is making a different effort to balance off what we do.
India is a very large country in terms of population and the number of peoplefrom the lower strata is very high here. The way people set out on foot to reach their homes at the time of the first lockdown makes it clear how important life is to all of us. But in the present time, people have forgotten how Corona had committed murders and people feel free to go out of the houses without any protective cover.
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covid-19, corona, new variant, omicron, precaution, delta

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