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7 Challenges of Traveling Alone

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 12-02-2022
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By Kanishka Vijay

After all the benefits of traveling solo, here are 7 challenges to keep in mind. While traveling the world on your own can feel daunting, I would definitely recommend to try it out at least once. It definitely has so many positive sides and brings so many valuable experiences and new friendships with it.

Move Expensive:
Unfortunately, the world is not designed for solo travel. Taxis, accommodation, tours, food, etc are often created for pairs and groups When traveling alone, there is not anyone to share the costs with and you will end up paying more at times.

Even when surrounded by people, you will feel lonely at some point. Humans are social people. Yes, even us introverts enjoy a degree of company and deep conversations. But when traveling solo you constantly have to make new friends, say farewells, and sometimes loneliness sneaks up on you.

Taking Photos:
Taking photos on your own can be challenging and awkward. This is something really bugging me. It is not possible to get those natural in the moment shots. Sure, you can use a selfie stick and pose or ask a stranger, but it can feel very uncomfortable and tense for some of us.

Getting Sick:
There is nobody to take care of you. Getting sick is never pleasant. But when you travel solo, it is even worse as there is nobody to look after you, get meds for you, cook, clean up, And if some plans can not be postponed. you will have to manage traveling without help in this state.
Eating at a restaurant alone can make you feel weird and self-conscious. Most people eat at restaurants in pairs or groups. So being alone and stared at can feel rather uncomfortable. It is good to bring a book or laptop with you or maybe even use this time to FaceTime friends and family.

Sharing Moments:
You experience such magic moments and views with nobody to share it with. Of course there is email and social media to share a photo with, but it's so different than sharing a moment together, talking about it, holding hands, seeing the amazement. You might just snap a photo if alone and just leave after a few minutes.
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travelling, travel, traveller, travel tricks, tips for travel

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