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Bizzare:Two father of a child

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 04-07-2014
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This is a very shocking news that a child named Milo is having a two fathers. The fact that their son, Milo, was born during World Pride was just the icing on the cake to an already overwhelming and emotional moment.

The poignant moment when father BJ Barone and Frankie Nelson broke down in tears as they welcomed their first child into the world.

Milo was born via an unrelated gestational carrier

Ms Foster, who said she spent hours with the two fathers, said that they were well-prepared for the birth, but that did nothing to lessen their excitement and anxiety.

'They asked all appropriate questions of the birthing mom and the midwife and educated themselves as best as they could for their son’s arrival,' she said.

She also revealed that Mr Nelson and his partner were shirtless for the birth because skin-to-skin contact is reported to be beneficial to newborns.

The men said that they will respect all comments, positive and negative, writing:'This is a moment of pure love and acceptance. Milo is surrounded by unconditional love and he will grow up knowing many different types of families and accept everyone,(intolerant people included).'

They added:'Love has no color nor gender nor sexual preference. Love is unconditional.'

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bizzare two father of a child, ajab gajab, bizzare news, latest news, latest bizzare news

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