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Best winter essentials under Rs.1500

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 25-11-2020
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It's that time of the year- The lazy and cold days of winter, where going out feels like a huge task, and dressing up? Even a bigger one. Everybody wants to combat the cold days, without losing their fashion sense. It's true, the winter clothes are really the most stylish ones. The winter season's staple outfits are cooler than the temperature itself! The classic cashmere sweaters, turtlenecks, baggy and skinny fit jeans, long boots with statement coats, are all you need for a chic look this season. Winter outfits may be expensive but that's not even a problem anymore.

All the shopping platforms and stores offer great discount deals on their winter apparel, and you must always make sure that you don't miss out.
Here are the best winter must-haves under Rs.1500:

1. Oversized Hoodies- A hoodie, is the very basic and comfortable part of clothing that you must have for the winter season. The best part about wearing hoodies is that you don't need to put all the effort in making an outfit out of it. Hoodies themselves give a powerful statement and can be worn with literally anything, be it biker shorts, or skinny jeans, or even without the bottoms (if the hoodie is long enough). Hoodies can be easily bought on any store or online shopping website starting at Rs.1000. You can shop amazing hoodies at Ajio.com and also save more with the amazing Ajio coupons, discounts and offers they're giving out to the customers!

2. Turtleneck sweaters- Turtlenecks add a pinch of classic sophistication to an outfit. Turtlenecks can be worn with skirts, jeans, and pants. Turtlenecks are a part of the evergreen fashion for both men and women. Men can wear turtlenecks substituting a shirt with a suit to give out a chic look. Turtlenecks aren't very expensive either. You can easily buy turtlenecks at budget friendly prices at Myntra, Urbanic official, and H&M. Myntra is also offering free shipping and easy returns on their products with turtlenecks starting at Rs.600.

3. Blazers - Blazers are a part of the most stylish looking formal wardrobe. Blazers can be worn with different sweaters, shirts and tops to complete an outfit. Blazers give out a very formal and stylish look and they're very warm so that's an advantage. Blazers are a bit expensive but Forever 21 is offering a huge price drop on their blazer collection to make it really affordable starting at just Rs.500!

4. Statement coats- Coats are really the most essential part of winter wardrobe. Coats add a different grace to your look and flatter no matter what your height or size is. You can make coat dresses out of long coats, pair it with a belt, or wear a turtleneck sweater inside it. Coats can be paired with literally anything and they'd still outshine everything in that outfit. Statement coats are also very trendy and in style this season. These coats are very affordable as they can be bought under Rs.1500. Most brands offer great discounts on coats, and even if they don't,  good quality coats still can be bought under Rs.1500. You can easily buy coats at low prices on Ajio, as it's offers are dropping down the expenses and adding to more savings!

5. Winter boots- Long boots are the most worn footwear in winters. It really helps with the cold and also enhances the outfit. Be it Heeled boots, knee length boots, or short boots, they're never going out of fashion. As soon as we hit the mark of winter, boots become a fair game! The one staple footwear that your wardrobe needs is the ankle boots. Boots aren't very high prices in general but some brands have boots that may be expensive and not budget friendly. The best website for shoes and boots is streetstylestore.com. You can get a variety of boots from there ranging between Rs.500-1500!

6. Woollen mufflers and scarfs- Woollen mufflers and scarves really add a style to every look. Winter must-haves list would be incomplete without adding mufflers to it. They can be worn with any outfit, plus they can also add a different colour to your outfit if you wear a contrasting one. Mufflers can also be styled in different ways and they're not expensive at all. They can be bought under Rs.1500 at any store and website. H&M generally offers a great variety of good quality mufflers and scarves for both men and women, so that is a good option to go for.

7. Skinny jeans-
Skinny jeans are the all rounder. Skinny jeans can be worn in any season, at any time, with any top wear. They're the most affordable and essential part of a wardrobe. Skinny jeans give a warmer feel for winters so skinny jeans is also a must have. Skinny jeans also comes under the category of best buys under Rs.1500. Urbanic officials are offering amazing discounts on jeans and the prices have dropped down to Rs.500. You can find the most stylish and trendy jeans over there for pocket friendly prices.

Winter essentials also includes many other clothing pieces like a leather jacket but they're pretty expensive and low prices leather jackets may be of low quality. The best prices can be availed by the means of coupons and discounts which almost every store and online platform has started to offer. Winter wardrobe can go out of hand with the high prices but the above mentioned essentials won't be a cause of worry to the shopping budget!

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best winter essentials under rs.1500, best winter essentials, winter wear, winter outfits, latest winter trends, ifairer

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