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Arjun Mathur gets flooded with exciting projects ahead of his multiple releases

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 13-01-2022
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Arjun Mathur gets flooded with exciting projects ahead of his multiple releases, arjun mathur,  celebrity,  entertainment
By Kanishka Vijay
One word that describes Arjun Mathur the best is non-conformist. He is one of the few artists to have taken an unconventional path and created a niche for himself. The international Emmy Award-nominated actor has been a part of many thought-provoking and inspiring projects like Made In Heaven, The Gone Game, Indian Summers, and more! 

Currently, Arjun Mathur is keeping extremely busy with his back-to-back projects. While the ground-breaking actor will reprise his much-acclaimed character of Karan Mehra in Made In Heaven S2, he will also headline Gone Game 2, Lord Curzon Ki Haveli, and Lionsgate Play's next untitled series. 

Amid his jam-packed calendar, we hear filmmakers across industries are offering Arjun Mathur multiple projects. A source revealed, Arjun Mathur has become one of the first choices when it comes to headlining a genre-bending story. The filmmakers are approaching him with multiple content-driven scripts. Currently, the actor has a packed slate with back-to-back releases. So, he is taking the time to choose and research for his next project. He wants to be part of projects that challenge him as an artist.

Well, we can't be more thrilled to know what the actor will work on next!
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